Participants designed a reliable and <a href="">Cartagena damer fГ¶r Г¤ktenskap</a> you will enough time-name connection with the brand new frog, that’s a routine parasocial relationship

The fresh semi-structured interview description integrated around three main parts: earliest guidance, new motivation for and you will contact with playing Travel Frog, and you may individual way of life status and social relationships. When you look at the basic recommendations part, private information as well as age, occupations, town of home, electronic video game choice and you can video game-to try out records try built-up. From the second part, interviewees replied questions such as “Just how did you find out about this video game?”, “As to the reasons did you play it?”, “Exactly what did you think of the frog about video game?”, “Do you previously find it since your pet/friend/partner/young buck?”, “As to the reasons otherwise have you thought to?”, and “Maybe you’ve overlooked it?” The 3rd an element of the interviews are centered on interviewees’ responses in the earlier part to inquire in their real-lifetime condition. Such as, in case your interviewee told you Traveling Frog generated all of them feel comfortable, we possibly may query whether or not the guy/she experienced troubled actually plus the way to obtain the stress. When they mentioned it enjoyed the life-style of one’s frog into the next part, we might let them examine its current lifetime and you may determine the ideal life, etc. The particular interviews is actually in line with the interviewees’ solutions, in addition to interviewer proceeded asking concerns to ask more deeply toward this new interviewees’ responses.


According to the interviews content, i unearthed that very interviewees initial installed the fresh software and you will began to tackle so you’re able to go after a personal pattern and you may share a common experience in household members. They did not admiration the newest frog in the games given that a beneficial young man at first, but concerned take action through the years because they starred the fresh games. Immediately following constant encounters for the frog, interviewees stated that it respected and you may appreciated the fresh new frog’s depicted lifetime, and just how they did actually connect with members. The latest psychological wedding and knowledge of the new frog did not occur in the certain communication regarding the online game however,, instead, the brand new translation and you may creativeness of the participants. More over, this new players’ thoughts into and you can views of frog just weren’t simply for the new Travelling Frog online game, but extended to life not in the games. It estimated the expectations of life freely on the connection with the fresh new frog, and you can wished to has comparable dating with the moms and dads or children, making it possible for the players to think of the newest frog because their youngster. We show a couple of reason players seen the brand new frog since their child: to help you enterprise the fresh promise off lifestyle freely and to express their expectation out of an amazing moms and dad-child matchmaking.

Projecting the fresh new Pledge away from Life Freely

Since reform of your markets procedure when you look at the Asia, teenagers features encountered alot more specific threats, nevertheless the government have not adopted a complete interests system and you may societal security system to help with individual development. The individual need rely on themselves or herself.

“Into the real-world, many people are loaded with fears, same as many people have one style of lifetime: strive and you may spend less to purchase property to repay off. We are up against that it stress…” (Female interviewee 4, 20 years old, Chengdu).

With the advent of financial rationality, the fresh position and you can intent behind possessions have dramatically increased, and you may assets possession has been one of the most important components a good lifetime (Wu, 2016). Brand new role of the economic basis in marriage is becoming much more noticeable in both outlying and you may urban areas. The bride price from inside the rural areas is expanding yearly. From inside the cities, prospective partners are expected to have a motor vehicle and you can a house just before ). Furthermore, for some young people who aren’t regional inhabitants during the a good city, if they need certainly to see regional metropolitan hukou, which provides the means to access personal properties and you can societal appeal, he or she is required to buy a home (Lui, 2017; Nie & XING, 2011). Highest rates force they to be effective tough and you may deal with overtime strive to take care of occupations balances when confronted with unemployment and you can tough battle (B. Liu, Chen, Yang, & Hou, 2019). But not, young adults data difficult or works overtime not just on account of the price tag off traditions and development will set you back, as well as because of their requirement for themselves.